As time passes, some of our posts are no longer as relevant as they once were, although they are still important to have available. Thus links to them can be found here (in no particular order):

2016 Election Results

Fact Check Chuck

Dual GM/COP Roles

Selected Commentary / Residents’ Research:

Jim Watt’s Argument Against the KPPCSD Board Approval for the CPI Increase at the Board Meeting on 22 June 2016

Jim Watt’s Comments on Budget, Spending, & the Ad Hoc Report

The Property Owners Association Letter on the Financial Impact of the Newly Proposed Memorandum of Understanding

Jim Watt’s Comments on the Budget

Garbage Contract

Dual GM/COP Roles

Consolidation (Dissolution)

Public … Articles of Interest

Small Cities in BayArea with PD & Contract with Sheriff’s Dept by M Stollon

Public Opinion 

From Fiscal Challenges page



Jim Watt on Costs of the KPD, Effect on CalPERS

Jim Watt’s Comprehensive 2016 MOU Costs Analysis

Jim Watt’s Letter to the Outlook Editor on Police Cost Cutting

Jim Watt’s Kensington’s Spiraling Police Costs, Oct. 2016

Comparison of various KPPCSD expenditures:

[FYE = Fiscal Year End]

Andy's 001

Andy's 002

Andy's 003

Legal Costs as a Percentage of Total for all KPPCSD Services

Andy's 004 mod

Jim Watt Explains the Graphs

Jan Behrsin: Thank you, Mr. Toombs, But You have Done Enough


What affects values, it’s not police!

Has Falling Crime Driven New York City’s Real Estate Boom? Study?


Delk’s Kensington KPPCSD & KFD Taxes Excel Spreadsheet

Tax Revenue: KFPD vs. KPPCSD

David’s Excel Spreadsheets (Click to download):

Kensington KPPCSD Taxes

Kensington KPPCSD & KFD Taxes