… where pictures of interest are posted.

We had “Treats and Good Cheer” before the swearing in of Eileen and Sylvia.

Thank you Ciara for organizing this.

• David’s photos of the December 8, 2016 KPPCSD session

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The new Board of Directors of the KPPCSD (with Vanessa attending via her phone):

DSC_1281w30 DSC_1284w30 DSC_1287w30


• David’s photos of the July 13, 2017 board meeting where three special things of interest occurred

iCOP Rickey Hull swore in Reserve Officer Kevin Ferreira


The board recognized the work of Parks Grounds Committee member Charlice Danielsen with a bouquet of flowers


iCOP Rickey Hull was recognized with a cake for his tremendous dedication and work to make a smooth transition of dispatch to Albany PD


• David’s photos of the August 14, 2017 board meeting where a new director was selected.

The candidates: Simon Brafman, Kim Zvik, David Spath and Chris Deppe.

Chris Deppe was selected.


The meeting was well attended.