Kensington has unfortunately been in the news for some time. Here are links to some of those stories for those of you who have not as yet read these stories and for those of you who wish to refresh your memories.

June 12, 2017    More changes may be coming as Kensington hires a General Manager

May 17, 2017  Albany agrees on contract with Kensington services district

January 15, 2017   Kensington board moves to split GM and COP duties

October 28, 2016   Kensington Police to get new iCOP

October 27, 2016  Kensington board names iGM/COP

October 19, 2016   Editorial: End Kensington intimidation

Here’s a PDF copy of the Editorial.

August 5, 2016  Officer improperly accessed director’s records, did not harass her

June 6, 2016  Sergeant demoted to officer as traffic-stop saga continues

[Note this correction: Ramos remained on suspension with pay.]

May 27, 2016  Traffic tickets thrown out in Kensington car-stop case

March 12, 2016  Officer in traffic stop suspended with pay; iCOP under investigation

February 20, 2016  COP knew officers were watching her car before traffic stop

February 2, 2016  Police retaliation against residents must cease

January 31, 2016  Residents critical of police board say cops harassed them

January 6, 2016  Internal probe flawed of cop whose gun was stolen in Reno

January 5, 2016  Internal probe ‘flawed’ of cop whose gun was stolen in Reno

December 18, 2015   Triple-dipper: East Bay politician making $370,000 a year balks at paying for health insurance

Even though Hart, 56, was already what’s known among government watchdogs as a “triple-dipper,” he wasn’t familiar enough with his multiple options for health coverage when he touted to Kensington officials this June that one of his selling points for their police job was that he didn’t need them to pay for his health insurance.

Kensington officials’ eyes lit up at what penciled out to about $18,000 in savings.

“It was one of the reasons” he was hired, said Vanessa Cordova, of the local Police Protection and Community Services District board.

But just days after beating out five others for the job that carries other benefits of permanent employment — such as vacation, administrative leave and pension contributions — Hart reversed course and said he had to renegotiate.

“Stupid me,” said Hart, who started the year on the payroll of the Department of State Hospitals and is also drawing a $223,000 a year pension after retiring as Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy. He didn’t know that state retirement system rules wouldn’t let him take full health coverage from his part-time Dublin post while also working for Kensington, he said

His other option to stick to his promise — medical coverage from the Alameda County retirement system that posed no conflict — wasn’t an option because he would have to pay for it, he said. “That costs money. That isn’t free.”

December 12, 2015  Triple-dipper: iGM/COP making $370,000 a year balks at paying for health insurance

Police Misconduct

Harassment of Residents and Elected Officials

Tracking of elected official outside of Kensington

October 13, 2015  Official says police harassed and threatened her

October 16, 2015   COP says alleged harassment of elected official by officers will be investigated by outside agencies

June 13, 2015  K leaders make big stench in stifling their critics

June 2, 2015  Kensington picks interim hire for GM/COP role

March 24, 2015  Police board settles long-standing suit with residents

February 25, 2015  Offer made to settle police district lawsuit

February 20, 2015  Police Chief Greg Harman – Conflicts of Interest


February 18, 2015  COP’s ouster, Reno scandal only beginning of changes

The back story of Thomas Peele’s reporting:

February 18, 2015  Police scandal hiding in plain sight

February 17, 2015  Kensington police chief fired over scandal

February 14, 2015  Scandal turns Kensington into cutthoat community

February 12, 2015  East Bay Cop whose Gun was Stolen by Prostitute Still Working

This is the story that broke the NEWS!

February 8, 2015  Cop whose gun was stolen by a prostitute still working

July 17, 2011  Furor over COP’s credit card (Harman’s)