Reduced Operation Costs. I supported the Fire District’s initial contract for services with El Cerrito resulting in significantly reduced operating costs. We have one of the lowest operating expenses of any fire station in the Bay Area. The District has received many compliments on its service – and not a single complaint since 1995.

I supported having at least one paramedic on each medical response team. Our average response time is less than five minutes.

Lowered Fire Risk. I supported the water system improvements program to increase water supply and hydrants throughout Kensington. The result is that there is now sufficient waterflow to serve two engines on the ridge and this spring the national insurance industry rating agency raised the District’s fire safety rating to a 1; only 1% of communities in the nation have earned that rating.

Fiscal Excellence. Under my leadership, the District prefunded all medical obligations to its retirees and their families and the District also set aside cash reserves for replacement engines. This means that when Kensington needs a new engine, there is money to pay for it.

Public Safety Building. I voted against every proposal to put the PSB in the Park and I supported the essential seismic renovations of the PSB to provide a safer work environment for our firefighters and better ensure their ability to respond in the event of a natural disaster.

I respectfully ask for your vote to continue my efforts to improve our Fire District’s ability to meet community needs.