Jim Watt is running for the first time after having spent many years on the KPPCSD Finance Committee and giving us his sage financial advice.

He is very concerned about the cost of the renovation of the Public Safety Building.

His candidacy statement follows:

Jim Watt/Community Volunteer

My wife and I have owned a home in Kensington for over 50 years.  Our children, and now grandchildren, have walked the school trail to get to Hilltop.  As a regular participant in community affairs, Fire Board attendee, KPPCSD Finance committee member and Kensington Nursery School puppet show producer, I take the financial health and wellbeing of the community very seriously.

Since 2017, I have been concerned about the inability of the Fire and Police Districts to mutually agree on a satisfactory upgrade of the Public Safety Building (PSB) so that it both meets today’s seismic safety standards and includes operational efficiencies for both fire and police services.  When the building was built in 1970, it merged two separate fire and police stations into the current PSB.  At the time of construction Kensington citizens understood that their tax dollars would be spent on a facility that would serve the long-term needs of both departments.

The current Fire Board has spent nearly $200,000 chasing ideas for a 12 million dollar building in Kensington Park.  They have spent an additional $300,000 in the last year on staff to manage a 25-year contract with El Cerrito Fire.  During my 45-year career in real estate development, creating cost effective projects that benefitted local residents was always my first priority.

As a Board Director, I will provide fiscal responsibility and upgrade to a PSB that will protect first responders and meet the needs of the community.

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