Bob Deis, Senior Consultant at PLG, the Public Management Group, gave a presentation at the November 16, 2017 KPPCSD Board meeting.

The report on which the presentation is based (in text searchable form) is posted here:

PLG Bob Deis Report

His presentation (in text searchable form) is posted here:

Review of Administrative & Support Services Presentation

And the video of that meeting can be found here:

November 16, 2017 Meeting Video


The Matrix Organization was hired by the KPPCSD Board to study our Police Department. The study was twofold.

First to determine how well the department functioned and what would be needed to improve its function.

Second to research other options for the department.

The following page of the KPPCSD website has links to the videos of the meetings that Matrix held and videos of KPPCSD board meetings where they made presentations. There are also links to their actual presentations.

Matrix Police Services Analysis