Now that Election Day is over, we have the Semi-Official Results – Update #2 a/o 11/10/2020 2:44:33 PM

The incumbents Sylvia Hacaj and Eileen Nottoli won by a two to one margin!

These results were posted on pages 21 and 22 of this page.

This was the position on our local 2020 election candidates.

For many of us, this election is focused on re electing the incumbents for the Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District board so that they can continue the work that has been started. We also recommend one new member for the Kensington Fire Protection District board.

Below there are links to pages where you will find more information about the candidates we endorse (in red).

KPPCSD Candidates:

Eileen Nottoli

Sylvia Hacaj

KFPD Candidate:

Jim Watt


KPPCSD Candidates we do not endorse:

Litigious” Lynn Wolter

She is wrong for the KPPCSD. she has cost the district a great deal of money suing it when she was about to be removed from her at will job for which she was unqualified and overpaid.

Elaine “Stealth” Stelton

We know nothing about her except that she and Lynn both support the status quo which will require more taxes for an unsustainable private police force..