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This website is an archive of source documents, analysis and commentary on current governance issues of the Kensington Police Protection and Community Service District (KPPCSD).

New for 2022

We are now in another election cycle and this website has some new content with our recommendations for candidates for the KPPCSD and one candidate for the KFPD (the Kensington Fire Protection District).

We support Mike Logan and Gail Feldman for the KPPCSD board and Janice Kosel for the KFPD.

You can find more information on the

2022 Elections Page

More information about our site:

The site was organized around a set of policy questions the District was and is still confronting. It was launched in anticipation of the November, 2016 election when two directors were to be elected to the KPPCSD board.

The KensingtonCA.org site was utilized during the campaigns to correct the record when it was being inaccurately portrayed and to advance the case that fundamental change was needed at the KPPCSD.

Two new board members, Eileen Nottoli and Sylvia Hacaj were elected in 2016. Rachelle Sherris-Watt was elected President and Eileen Nottoli was elected Vice President by the board. Vanessa Cordova resigned and Chris Deppe was selected by the board to fulfill her term. Len Welsh remained on the board.

The new majority board members campaigned on splitting the GM/COP, responsible fiscal management, and exploring contracting for police services as a means to reduce costs, but most importantly to increase the professionalism of the department and eliminate the abuse of power issues that become unchecked in small police departments.

This site was also utilized in the 2018 election in which Rachelle Sherris-Watt, Chris Deppe and Cyrus Modavi were elected. And Janice KoselJulie Stein and Kevin Padian were elected to the KFPD board (the Fire District board).

Cyrus Modavi resigned in May 2021 and Mike Logan was appointed to replace him.

You can find more information on the 2018 Election page.

KensingtonCA.org reflects the work of many Kensington residents who may not have agreed on all of the issues but who shared a basic belief that the time had come to reject the direction and policies of the then KPPCSD board majority.

The new board made significant changes:

  • Separated the GM & COP position, hired Several General managers (some interim): Tony Constantouros, Bill Lindsey, Marti Brown, Rick Benson and Tony Constantouros. The chain of command has now changed and the GM has authority over all district employees. The conflict of interest issue was resolved by having the GM supervise the COP.
  • The Chief of Police (COP) position was filled with new officers: Steven Simpkins (interim), Walt Schuld and Mike Gancasz our current COP. They made the KPD into a professional organization. Removing several officers and filling the ranks with new ones.
  • The board finished the planning to renovate the community center given the requirements of seismic upgrades. The renovation wacompleted in 2021.
  • The KPPCSD website, KPPCSD.org has been revamped to be in line with what is used in other towns. It is now fully compliant with current legal requirement.

FixOurKPD is a grassroots group in Kensington. They seeked to reform and professionalize police services to meet our public safety needs while minimizing taxpayer exposure to the risks and liabilities of an in-house police force. Their efforts helped fix many of the problems of the KPD. The group is no longer active.

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