This article by Kristine Hafner of the KPOA describes our K groups:

Kensington Governance Jan 17, 2017

Kensington Fire District:

KFD website

Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District:

KPPCSD website

KPPCSD Board Members

(With their e-mail addresses.)

The Kensington Property Owners Association doesn’t have its own Website yet.


Their current Board of Directors is: Rob Firmin President, Kris Hafner Treasurer, Gail Feldman Secretary, Rick Artis Director, Candace Capogrossi Director, Maya Churi Director, David Spath Director.

(Don’t confuse this KPOA with the Kensington Police Officers Association.)

The Kensington Community Council:

KCC website

The KCC publishes the Kensington Outlook:

Kensington Outlook

 The Kensington Improvement Club doesn’t have its own Website. (Information TBD.)


The Kensington Municipal Advisory Council:

KMAC website

The Kensington Public Safety Council:


The Kensington Library:

Kensington Library website

Blakemont Property Owners Association

(Some information about the BPOA)

Kensington Amateur Radio Operators

Kensington Public Paths

I have not as yet been able to find websites for the following organizations:

Kensington Business and Professional Association

Kensington Lion’s Club

Kensington Seniors