There has been a lot of uninformed talk on Next Door’s Politics Group regarding the Primarily Formed Committee (PFC) organized to collect funds for a flyer for Sherris-Watt, Deppe and Logan.

In that ND group it has been called a PAC, which it is not. There are people who characterized it as a vehicle to thwart transparency by not identifying the people who contributed to it. There was no requirement at the time to do so. It is no coincidence that these same people support maintaining the status quo for the Police Department irregardless of the costs and the disfunction of the department.

We are therefore publishing a list of the residents of Kensington who contributed to it and how much they contributed in order to clear the air.

Here is the list of names and amounts contributed:

And here, for transparency, is a list of contributors for Friends of Logan For KPPCSD Director 2018: