Memo to Kensington Voters, by Tom Dean.

Over the past 6 years the KPPCSD Board has accomplished the following:

—Split the GM/COP position. This led to the hiring of a professional General Manager, which led to a modern administrative structure, which led to the hiring of experienced Police Chiefs, who have reformed the Department into a professional force.

—Remodeled the Community Center on time and on budget.

—required Police to contribute to their pension, a first step toward reforming the excessive retiree benefits which have been in place for years.

—Cooperated with the Fire District, Fire Chief, Police Chief and consulted with architects familiar with Public Safety Buildings. This led to the logical conclusion that the PSB was only suitable for one agency if properly renovated. Since the fire board owns the building and the Fire Department needs to be centrally located to ensure proper response times, the obvious decision was that a remodel should be done for the Fire Department. This was a mutual decision. The Police Department was not evicted.

The Police Department has explored numerous options for a new home—303 Arlington, EBMUD property, Building E, the Annex, and the Parking Lot across from Arlington Community Church and and adjacent to the Library. The only location deemed suitable at this point is the parking lot. This presents another problem because the Church owns part of the lot and opposes a Police Station in that location.

The above process is called due diligence. Responsible Government needs to look at all its options before making decisions. This process was carried out in public meetings and the information was available to all. It was not carried out in back rooms as some would have you believe.

Save Kensington’s Future is a misnomer. It should be called Restore Kensington’s Past. The Slate of 3 candidates for each District Board was handpicked, and is financially supported and mentored by those who brought you Kensington’s unfortunate past— a dysfunctional police department characterized by incompetent Chiefs, many officers with questionable pasts, constant expensive litigation, and the refusal to consider splitting the GM/COP position, an obvious conflict of interest, because it was “too expensive”. The too expensive argument is now offered for the plans to renovate the PSB for the Fire Department and locate the Police elsewhere. Oh, I almost forgot Reno, the ultimate evidence of an incompetent Chief, Board, and Officers not exhibiting the highest standards of conduct.

Save Kensington’s Future has raised $14,000, and spent $6,000 to date. It’s apparently expensive to spread disinformation. . Watch for more with Election Day approaching. Their platform is already obsolete. The Police Department will not be located in the Park. The PSB construction can not be halted to repeat the process that has already been done.It would destroy Kensington’s good faith and credit. Deposits have been made, contracts signed, and construction is underway.

What would the Slate Candidates do. I’ve heard no policy proposals—only criticism. Most people now agree that Consolidation should be explored. That’s a long and tedious process and is not necessarily a panacea for Kensington government.

If you want experienced, clear thinking people on the Boards, vote for Mike Logan, Gail Feldman, and Jan Kosel. You don’t need to vote for anyone else. At a minimum, there will be at least one Slate Candidate on the new KPPCSD Board, and 2 on the Fire Board, which is the best outcome possible.